Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Experiences : Dr. Veena Singh

The pen stops when I look back and think about Nainital as a pleasant, scrumptious and subtile town, set amongst cool Pine- clad hills with plenty of crumbling colonial charm. It was all about doing a 21days’ course for moving into another salary grade. The skilfully updated website of HRDC Nainital drew my attention and I chose it out of all the 66 HRDCs.  A natural curiosity kept troubling me about my being in the selection list, about the place etc. Then the time arrived and after 35 hours’ long journey, finally I reached ‘The Hermitage’, my abode for the coming 21 days. I got mesmerised by the beautiful, well maintained campus. Soon I was allotted a clean, cosy room. As I reached one day before, none of my fellow participants were to be seed around.  By the evening they started pouring in. Soon I was introduced to all 31 of them and I was happy to feel their positive aura around me. From day one of the class to the last day, I could feel the ease and comfort, the vibrancy and vivacity, they drove me into. Nothing could create hurdles, be it language, subject, different areas of interest and we were like a big family, enjoying studies and reliving our college lives once again in the lap of nature.
Soon we were assigned tasks of project proposals, group discussion, micro-teaching and individual assignments. These tasks helped us to update ourselves with better teaching skills. The classes were innovative and informative. Our Directors left no stone unturned to benefit us academically. Variety of lectures were arranged on the theme ‘Science and society’ to enhance our existing knowledge.  The course design and the course content was a complete success. Being a participant of Summer School 2015, we got an opportunity to meet personalities like Dr. Ajay Singh Rawat, Dr. Anand Sharma and many more such big signatures of their respective fields. My fellow participants were quite generous people to live with. We enjoyed each other’s company very much and yes, how can I forget those ‘Selfie Moments’.
 Evening were quite lively. We explored the beautiful Nainital, in our own way. A lot of sight-seeing, trekking, photography, enjoyment and learning to unlearn moments with nature were enjoyed together. It was so deeply impressive that I feel I carry the beautiful mountains, the Naini Lake and the generous people of the mountains forever in my heart.
It would be quite unthoughtful on my part if I don’t thank enough our director Dr. B.L. Sah, a multitalented, down to earth and a lively personality, Dr. Reetesh Sah, a silent worker with a manifacted personality who always wore a shine in the eyes and a smile on the lips to keep us motivated and Dr. Divya Joshi. A heartfelt thank you goes to the office staff for all their cooperation and the kitchen staff for the lovely homelike food and also to each and every person who is associated with HRDC Nainital.

Ah heaven!! I long to meet you again!!

Dr. Veena Singh
Asstt .Prof. (English)
Govt. P.G. College, Mandsaur (M.P.)

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